The Pros and Cons of Metal Roofing

Elevating Your Home with Metal Roofing: A Comprehensive Guide

Embrace the future of home protection with metal roofing, a choice that transcends traditional options and offers unparalleled benefits. At Professional Metal Roofing in Toronto, we're not just a roofing company; we're advocates for a roofing revolution. Here's why metal roofing is the game-changer your home deserves.

Beyond the Norm: The Metal Roofing Advantage

Traditional vs. Modern: A Shift in Roofing Paradigms

Gone are the days when asphalt shingles were the go-to. The construction landscape is evolving, and metal roofing is at the forefront. Toronto, a city known for its progressive and sustainable initiatives, is embracing this change. It's time to bid farewell to the old and welcome the new era of roofing.

Weather Resilience and Aesthetic Appeal

Metal roofs are not just about enduring harsh weather; they're about doing it in style. Their longevity is unmatched, easily outlasting other materials through storms and blizzards without needing constant repairs. Plus, their eco-friendly nature, crafted from recycled materials, helps maintain your home's climate more efficiently.

Diverse Services for Every Roofing Need

At Professional Metal Roofing, we offer more than just installations. Our services extend to commercial and residential projects, skylights, sun tubes, and gutter cleaning. No matter the scale of your ambition, we're ready to bring it to life.

A Roof That Reflects You

Your roof should be a reflection of your style and preferences. That's why we offer a variety of metal roofing styles, each with its unique charm:

  • Slate: For those who prefer a clean, symmetrical look, slate tiles offer a refined aesthetic.
  • Bond Tile: Wave-like and rigid, bond tile brings a dynamic texture to your roof.
  • Shake: Emulating the natural beauty of wood, metal shake shingles are both elegant and enduring.
  • Grande: With a European flair, grande roofing adds a touch of sophistication to any home.
  • Trapeze: Ideal for snowy regions, its slanted design ensures snow slides off effortlessly.
  • Modular: Unique and modern, modular panels offer a contemporary look with a durable twist.

Color Your World

Your color choice can make a world of difference. Whether you're drawn to classic grey or bold red, we're excited to help you find the perfect hue for your roof.

Enhancing Your Roofing Experience

Metal roofing is more than just a protective cover; it's a lifestyle upgrade. We're in tune with the latest additions and accessories to enhance your living experience. From aesthetic enhancements to practical solutions for natural light and low maintenance, we've got you covered.

Elevating Your Home with Professional Metal Roofing: A Symphony of Style and Safety

Transform your home into a sanctuary of safety and elegance with Professional Metal Roofing, where we blend innovative technology with timeless design. Our commitment goes beyond just installing a roof; we create a protective masterpiece that stands the test of time and elements.

Advanced Underlayments: The Foundation of Protection

At the heart of our roofing system lies our cutting-edge underlayments, Titanium and RhinoRoof. These synthetic marvels are designed for sloped roofs, offering unmatched defense against storms and harsh weather, ensuring your home remains a fortress of comfort.

Smart Ventilation: Keeping Comfort in, Humidity Out

Our tailored ventilation solutions, like the ridge vent, are engineered to combat Toronto's humid summers. They prevent heat and condensation buildup, maintaining a cool and pleasant atmosphere within your home.

Snow Stoppers: Safety in Every Season

In Toronto's intense winters, snow stoppers are essential. These ingenious devices, installed on your metal roof, prevent snow and ice from cascading down, ensuring a safe passage for everyone entering or leaving your home.

Trims: The Finishing Touch

While functionality is key, aesthetics are equally important. Our metal roofing trims add that final flourish to your roof, enhancing its overall look and feel.

Natural Light Solutions: Brighten Up Your Space

Say goodbye to artificial lighting and embrace the sun's natural glow with our skylight and sun tube installations:

  • Skylights: Seamlessly integrated into your roof, our acrylic glass skylights invite sunlight in while retaining heat, reducing your reliance on electric lighting.
  • Sun Tubes: These peripheral installations funnel sunlight into your home, brightening interiors naturally and unobtrusively.

Why Choose Professional Metal Roofing?

50-Year Warranty: A Lifetime of Assurance

We stand by our craftsmanship with a 50-year warranty, ensuring your peace of mind for decades to come.

Unmatched Customer Service: Your Satisfaction, Our Priority

We understand the value of your home and are dedicated to delivering perfection in every project.

Eco-Friendly and Durable Materials

Our commitment to the planet is reflected in our use of new steel with a touch of recyclables, ensuring both sustainability and strength.

Energy Efficiency: Save More, Live Better

Our metal roofs enhance your home's efficiency, keeping it comfortably climate-controlled and reducing utility costs.

Passion-Driven Expertise

At Professional Metal Roofing, our passion for metal roofing stems from a belief in its superiority. We're dedicated to providing Toronto homeowners with the best, most sustainable roofing solutions.

Discover the Professional Metal Roofing difference and embark on a journey to redefine your home's protection and style. Contact us today for a consultation and join the ranks of satisfied homeowners who've chosen the best in metal roofing.


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7 Colours of Metal Panel Roofs

Discover a spectrum of colors in our metal roofing collection, designed to suit every style and architectural need with durability and aesthetic appeal.


RAL 7024 Grey

This is a graphite grey color that offers a sleek and modern look. It's a versatile shade that pairs well with a variety of architectural styles, providing a sophisticated and contemporary appearance.


RAL 9005 Black

Dive into the depth of Bold Black, a color that makes a striking statement, offering an elegant contrast to any building's exterior.


RAL 8004 Terracotta

Bask in the warm, earthy embrace of Terracotta, a color that brings a touch of rustic charm and Mediterranean flair to your roofing.


RAL 8017 Chocolate Brown

Indulge in the deep, comforting hues of Chocolate Brown, a color that resonates with the richness of nature, perfect for blending into natural landscapes.


RAL 8019 Mocha Brown

Experience the understated elegance of Mocha Brown, a darker, more nuanced brown that adds a sophisticated touch to both modern and traditional homes.


RAL 3005 Dark Red

Revel in the opulent, deep tones of Dark Red, a classic color that adds a regal and timeless elegance to any structure.


RAL 3011 Red

Energize your space with the vibrant and lively shade of Brick Red, a color that radiates warmth and character, making your building stand out with style.