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Free Skylight Installation


The average household in Ontario spends $2,010 a year on their power bill, which has been rising over the past decade.

Skylights are an effective way for Canadians to cut down on their monthly energy costs. Skylights can be installed at home or office buildings, providing natural light to rooms that would otherwise be dark. 

Skylights help a building stay warm and cool. During the summer, skylights allow hot air to escape, but only if they can be opened. In contrast, skylights act as insulation in the winter.

A skylight that cannot be opened is used as an energy-efficient solution. These types of skylights are airtight, making them more energy efficient, and are also dome-shaped.

If you live in Ontario, there are several ways you can save money by installing skylights. Here are just a few examples:

  • Installing skylights will make your home more comfortable and attractive. It will improve the overall quality of life in your home.
  • Skylights will increase the value of your property. If you sell your home, buyers will pay more for homes with skylights.
  • Skylights will reduce the amount of time you spend using artificial lighting. In addition to saving money, this will give you more free time to enjoy other activities.
  • Skylights can be used to create a unique design element in your home. For example, you could install a skylight above your kitchen island to illuminate it when you cook.
  • Skylights can be used as a decorative feature in your home. Install one in your bathroom to brighten up the area and add a touch of elegance.

There are many different types of skylights available. Some are designed for residential applications, while others are for commercial buildings. Some skylights come in various sizes and shapes.

When choosing a skylight, consider its size, type, material (such as glass, aluminum, or plastic), installation, and cost.

We do not sell or have various skylight options at Professional Metal Roofing. However, when installing your metal roof, we will install your skylight at no additional cost. This is an excellent option if you're interested in purchasing a new skylight and installing a metal roof. 

Most skylight retailers will charge their customers an additional installation cost. But by getting Professional Metal Roofing to assist with the installation, you will not need to pay additionally for the service!

If you're interested in installing a skylight in your home with your new metal roof, contact us for further information. 


Free Cleaning your gutters


You may ask yourself, "Why should I clean my gutters?" Well, there are several reasons why you should clean your gutter. 

First, if you haven't been doing this regularly, you might not realize just how dirty your gutters actually get. Over time, leaves and other debris build up in your gutters. If you don't clean them out, you could end up with clogged pipes and damaged shingles.

The second reason you should clean your gutter is that it helps prevent water damage to your home. When rainwater flows through your gutters, it runs down the outside of your roof. It then drains away from your home and ends up in your yard. If you don't clean your gutters out, you run the risk of flooding your home.

How often do gutters need to be cleaned?

Now that we know why you should clean your gutter, we'll talk about how often you should clean them out. There are two main ways that people clean their gutters. One method involves using a ladder and manually removing the debris from the bottom of your gutters. Another option is to use a power washer or pressure washer. Both methods have their pros and cons.

Manually cleaning your gutters

If you decide to go the manual route, you must climb a ladder and remove the debris from the bottom part of your gutters. This is a great way to keep your gutters free of debris. However, it does come with some drawbacks. For one thing, climbing a ladder isn't always easy for everyone. Secondly, you may find that your gutters are too high to reach. In this case, you'll need to call a professional to help clean them.

Using a pressure washer

Using a pressure washer instead of a ladder means you won't have to worry about any of those problems. A pressure washer works by spraying water onto your gutters. The force of the water causes the debris to fall into a catch basin below. Once the debris has fallen into the catch basin, you can empty it. 

However, you'll still need to ensure that you only use a pressure washer when you absolutely have to. Using a pressure washer every week or so is fine, but overusing it can cause issues.

When should you call professional gutter cleaners?

So now that we know what kind of tools you can use to clean your gutters, we're finally ready to answer the question: "When should you call professional gutter cleaners?" Well, the best time to call a professional is whenever you notice that your gutters aren't draining properly. That means that something is blocking the flow of water. If you see that your gutters are overflowing, then you need to call a professional.

However, you should still call a professional even if you don't notice anything wrong with your gutters. Even if you think everything looks okay, you never know what could be happening underneath your roof. Debris can accumulate on top of your roof and block water flow. This can lead to serious problems such as mold growth, rotting wood, etc. So, if you ever notice any signs of trouble, you should contact a professional immediately.

Our team at Professional Metal Roofing will clean your gutters at no extra cost when installing your metal roof! 

You can speak to one of our professional steel roofers if you want more information on how to care for your roof and tips on keeping your gutters clean.